Salvador Monteagudo 23rd October 2010

I knew Tom many years as a UMM student (95'-99') before getting to know him more as one of his many "residents" at this place (Summer of 99' to Spring of 01'). I was able to see his many hidden "acts of kindness" for many years after wards. I really got to know him more as we would "keep in touch" after I moved out in 01' through various activities (e.g. help him at his "cabin", take each other out in our birthdays, etc..). Tom encouraged me to continue using my gifts and talents (e.g. author of websites and community "advocate") that made me the person I am right now. His passing encourages me continue his legacy to finish what he inspired me to do. I hope to continue his work he encouraged me to do. He will be certainly missed! I would like to share a quote from one of his favorite "religious" historical figures that he personally gave me.. “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” St. Francis of Assisi quote